Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bowl Games

Mike and I kicked off our holidays this year with a trip to San Diego to watch Mike's Alma Mater play TCU in the Poinsetta Bowl.

We woke up early on December 23rd and drove all the way to San Diego. We met up with old friends of Mikes and had a blast tailgating. We miss all our friends in Boise so much, so it was a great time to reconnect.

The bowl game was a lot of fun too, even though our Bronco's lost we were grateful to be able to see them play. Mike had not been to a game since he graduated so it was very special for him.

We packed up the next morning and drove back to the Bay Area just in time for the Christmas
Eve service.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our Walk

Mike and I took a walk last night through our beautiful Menlo Park neighborhood. It was a very cold night, but we had fun looking at all the beautiful lights. We even started rating each house on a scale from 1-10. Some homes were far from impressive with lights maybe only on one bush or ugly blowup snowmen in the front yard.

We did find, however, a house that got a perfect 10. It was almost a Griswald house and that would have been way too much. ..but we found that this house had the same size of lights, the same color, and they strung each light on exactly the right amount of house. It was delightful.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

This year we spent Thanksgiving with Mike's family in San Francisco, where his sister, husband, and our sweet neice, Hailey live. We had such a great time shopping, watching football, and EATING. It was a great time relaxing and reflecting on this past football season.

I'm happy to have Mike back from being gone so much, and even though I wish we went to a Bowl Game, it's nice to have him home. We were really blessed this season with five wins and God taught us a lot. We are very thankful for His grace and love towards us.

We have planned a trip to New York City after Christmas. I have never been, so Mike is taking me for a week! We are working out all the details as we speak, but we are so excited to be able to take this trip. More updated info to come!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Home Stretch

Recently, I had lunch with my Dad at the Facebook Cafe. We had such a great time and whenever I spend time with my Dad, he always encourages me and I come away feeling as if I know myself better. He had great insight into my life by saying, "Anne-Marie, you carry a lot."

During the football season, a lot is sacrificed on my part, but also on Mikes part. He works countless hours and we are only able to see one another for maybe an hour at a time. A couple months ago, I realized I only saw him 2 hours out of the whole week. Many people ask me how am I able to be alone so much and never see Mike. I never really think about it that way, because to me, it's my dream too. When I married Mike, his dreams became my dreams and maybe I am not in the trenches like Mike, but I called to be his encouragement and supporter.

We are in our last week of football, and I am so sad. I feel like it just began, but I will be happy to have Mike home again. I am grateful for what God has enabled him to do and he isn't just coaching football, he is training boys to be men and I think that's a fine calling.

My dad is right, I do carry a lot and I do pat myself on the back many times, but I am just happy to have Mike by my side. I get to see the United States with him, one football stadium at a time.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I love those three little letters-WFH (work from home). This week I have been WFH since both of my bosses are in Vegas on "business." The great thing about Facebook is that everything I do, I can do from home. Obviously, I have to be in the office when my bosses are around, and for just social interaction. I can take up to about 2 days of WFH and then I start to miss my friends and the free food. I also get a lot done when I am WFH and I am able to still be in my PJ's until 4p if I wanted. Like, right now-I am in my PJ's and loving it.

I know some people think that WFH is just a nice little way of "taking a day off," but I am very serious about my WFH hours and I am readily available and working-while watching Juno.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Stanford vs. Oregon @ Oregon

Stanford travels to Eugene, Oregon today to take on the Ducks. If we win this game, it makes us bowl eligable, so we have a lot riding on this game. I was planning to make the trip up to Eugene to watch Stanford beat the ducks, but decided not to go for many reasons. One being, when the game is over, Mike goes straight home and I would have to spend the night and leave on Sunday. I guess I would rather just greet him at the door on Saturday night.

The game is at 12:30 PST on Fox Sports Network.

Hmm...I wonder what the Ducks uni's will be this time? Do you know they have over 600 combinations of uni's?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

We're back

Mike and I had to create another blog because I forgot the password to our old blog and that blog is linked to my Stanford account which no longer exists.

To give you a little update, we are almost done with our second season at Stanford. We have won 5 games and if we win one more then we go bowling! We are very excited about that opportunity to be able to go to a Bowl game since Stanford hasn't been bowl eligable since 2000. Mike continues to work long hours, but so do I. I love working at Facebook which brings new and exciting challenges each and every day. It's so exciting to be a part of one of the fastest growing start-up companies and I am learning so much.

The title of our blog, "This is Our Life" comes from my favorite show "John and Kate Plus 8." Which, I am sure needs no explanation. During the opening credits they say, "It may be a crazy life, but it's our life," and that is really how Mike and I feel. People look at us like we are crazy being in the profession we are, but it's our life and we wouldn't do anything different.

Stay tuned...